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When Should I Replace My Roof?​

‘When should I replace my roof?’ is a normal question for all homeowners. When it comes to replacing one there are a couple of things to consider. What kind of shingles do you have and how old are they? Has it gone through any major weather? Are there any leaks? How often does it leak? When was the last inspection? Roofs are expensive, however, they should always be considered as an investment, as they raise home value when replaced, and protect the assets sheltered beneath them. So, what are a few common signs to look for to know when you should replace your roof?

How old is your roof?

A basic asphalt shingle roof is going to need to be replaced every fifteen to thirty years as long as it was applied and maintained correctly. When you buy a new home, make sure to ask about the age of the roof and how often, if ever, they had it inspected. These are details that you as a homeowner will want to know. Now, fifteen to thirty years is a decent age gap. So if your roof is between these ages, how do you know if it might be time even if you haven’t reached the max recommended limit?

When Should I Replace My Roof

Cracks, lifted shingles, and exposed nails.

When you live in an area that receives high-temperature summers and low-temperature winters, your shingles can shrink and expand over the years, and this will cause cracking. If they become cracked, obviously the integrity of the shingle and the area beneath it is in question. Shingles that have been lifted by high winds can look fine from the ground, but unfortunately, the lifting of the shingles can loosen the sealant beneath, and thus let rain or melting snow in. If this happens this can also lead to exposing the nail. If a nail becomes exposed, this nail can rust and wither away with the elements, which will create a decent-sized hole for more water and damage to get into. All of these are good indicators of when you should replace your roof.


The curling of a roof is when individual shingles curl up on the edges. This occurrence happens when there is a build-up of moisture. This could be the result of poor attic ventilation or moisture absorbed into the roof decking when the previous replacement was done. If curling has occurred in your shingles, it needs to be looked at sooner rather than later. This can easily lead to leaks, if it hasn’t already, which as we know can lead to more issues.


If there is a leak it should be dealt with immediately. Structural issues can start to occur with the rotting of the wood from waterlogged lumber. The roof’s decking could have to be replaced along with the shingles, and further damage could be done to parts of the home unable to be seen.

Poor flashing and tar.

Flashings are metal pieces that cover the shingles when they butt up against a chimney or meet another wall. Usually seen around chimneys, the tar covering the seams of the flashing can get dried out and crack with changes in temperature and natural weathering. These kinds of cracks and leaks can lead to larger issues. Thankfully, if caught soon, getting new flashings and tar around the area may solve the problem before it becomes too bad.

A professional suggests the time.

Inspections are suggested to get done once or twice a year, preferably when the seasons change, and these are where an inspector will be able to catch any issues. If, or while occurring, a problem becomes bad enough, it will be suggested that a roof is replaced. The best place to start, no matter what, is to call a trusted roofing company for them to check it over and they will tell you when you need to replace your roof.

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Hire A Professional To Replace My Roof

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