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What Is LVP Flooring?

If you’re thinking about redesigning a space in your home, more than likely you’ve looked at the floor and tried to find the perfect option to match your needs. There are so many different types and styles that come in an array of thicknesses and densities. Wood or stone flooring adds a classic touch of elegance that makes it easy to decorate and accessorize your space. 

Unfortunately, when we are looking for waterproof and durable floors, we sometimes have to give up on how nice the flooring will look or fork over a small fortune. Having hardwood flooring put down can be extremely costly, and trying to get stone or porcelain tiles are costly and a pain to cut and grout. Luckily, Clayton Hoover and Sons works with COREtec flooring to bring LVP flooring into your home.

What is LVP?

LVP stands for Luxury Vinyl Planks. This type of flooring is made with layers of compressed vinyl that stack together to make individual planks of durable flooring. It is designed to be an alternative to more expensive wooden floors in classic homes. In fact, some LVP flooring is lined with a layer of real wood veneer so the planks can have an authentic wood grain. If you love the look of hardwood floors, consider luxury vinyl.

LVP flooring


COREtec is a leading LVP flooring brand. Their planks are designed to last while also giving the look and feel of hardwood floors. They mastered designs to make every plank look realistic as it’s laid. Their original patterns have wood in a multitude of grains and patterns, and you can request samples to find the perfect color. 

COREtec is designed to be strong and life-proof. Children, pets, and moisture have all been taken into account. Thankfully it’s also simple and easy to clean. Encore is the recommended cleaning product for COREtec floors. You don’t need harsh chemicals, glosses, or steaming. Simple mats to protect high-traffic areas are recommended, but otherwise, the floor is designed to live with you.

Of course, they have other options beyond wood plank finishes. COREtec also offers stone planks that can give the look of marble or granite. These pieces have soft ridges and grain patterns to appeal at every angle, in any space.

If you aren’t sure what kind of COREtec flooring you may want, go order a sample or two as mentioned above. If ordered from the COREtec website, they’ll have it shipped from their store within 24 hours. With a sample in hand, you’ll be able to see and feel all five layers of the COREtec luxury vinyl, and you’ll understand why it’s considered luxurious!

What Are The Layers?

Vinyl plank is most commonly made up of three layers; a high-strength core or base layer, a design layer that gives the floor its look/feel, and a super-durable wear layer. COREtec goes 2 layers beyond this standard design with a five-layer build listed below. 

  1. The top layer is finished with UV acrylic to keep it stain resistant and clean.
  2. The second layer is considered the “wear layer.” This layer protects the rest of the vinyl and finishes it off, so it never needs to be sanded, sealed, or refinished.
  3. The third layer is the luxury design layer. This is the layer that has the grain and pattern on it.
  4. The fourth layer is the COREtec structure, which is softer on the feet than other vinyl floorings, and has an easy angle tap system for installation.
  5. The bottom layer is cork, which sets on the starting flooring. This layer serves as underlayment and helps keep everything quiet and warm, as cork blocks out any chill or draft from below.
COREtec layers

And that is only COREtec original planks. If you want to look at COREtec’s Advanced+, Stone, or Pro, look through all of the products they have to offer. Each category has a gallery, layer breakdown, and style for you to reference. Within their sample section on the COREtec website, you can access their collections and find galleries and pictures to show what everything looks like in one category, and how they compare to the others.

With so many styles and benefits, it’s no wonder why we always recommend COREtec! It looks just like real wood or stone. It’s affordable, durable, waterproof, and low maintenance. And it’s quick and easy to install and remove in any room. If you’re interested in LVP flooring for your home, contact us at Both COREtec and Clayton Hoover & Sons offer financing options so why wait? Let’s upgrade your home with LVP flooring!