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Roofing Materials for Chimneys.

What is a Roof Cricket?

In the roofing world, there are a lot of different terms and products that are not well-known to the average customer. And that’s fine. That’s what you have Clayton and Sons for! To put it simply, a roof cricket is a material specifically designed to make water flow away from areas where it may pool. But what is it? Where is it used? And do you need one?

Roof Cricket

Roof Cricket.

Often referred to as a chimney cricket or saddle, this piece of roofing material is designed to mitigate the risk of water damage. The cricket is shaped like a wedge and sits tucked against the chimney’s flat, upward-facing side where the water would rest and erode your other roofing materials. Instead, these wedge shapes direct the water around the flat side, where it can continue to flow down to your gutters.

Where To Use A Roof Cricket.

When you have something penetrating through a roof, such as a chimney, there is usually a flat side that faces the higher rise of the roof. When rainwater, snow, or melting ice slide down the roof, it will hit the barricade that the flat side of that chimney creates. This will allow water to sit and pool along that seal or flashing and can corrode it quicker because it doesn’t dry at the proper rate. This of course leads to a higher risk of leaks and future problems within your roof, roof decking, and home’s structure.

Crickets don’t just help your roof, but of course, will also help save your chimney. You don’t want water resting against the masonry of your chimney. This will erode the brick just as quickly as it erodes flashings or sealants.

Is A Cricket Needed?

The structure and architecture of any building come with their own set of hurdles depending on the slope and levels of the roofing. And chimneys add another thing to consider. Roofs are designed to move water and snow effectively to help protect the structure below. Despite the slant of most roofs, you’d be surprised by the places where water can get caught. If you have a chimney or other penetration, certainly your roof has flashings but they likely aren’t enough. Hopefully, your roof was originally designed with a cricket to deter water from pooling. It is a necessary part of your roof structure and should be inspected and maintained like any other part of your roof.

Chimney Flashings

Cricket Costs.

Roof Crickets will of course add a little more to the price of your roof. The cost of the cricket material and installation itself is going to vary depending on the materials chosen and the prices of your roofer. However, plan a couple of hundred dollars extra for the entire process. Also, keep in mind that a cricket is useful to your home and should be considered an investment. As a working and active piece in your roof, it may require maintenance and fixes after some years. Ask about the warranties involved with the cricket and its materials when discussing the planning of your roof with your professional roofer. Will this material be the same as the others that they use? Are any warranties through the material manufacturer itself or other added warranties through the roofer?

Roof Cricket Installation

Roof Cricket Installation.

Crickets can NOT simply go on over the existing shingles. Attempting to add a cricket over shingles will put holes in those shingles and risk leaks in the roof that will impact the entire area. You’ll want to call an experienced roofer who will remove the area’s shingles, place the cricket, and then re-shingle after the needed waterproofing layers have been lain. Requesting this to be done by experienced roofers will also ensure that the angles and pitches of the cricket match your chimney and roofline to create a snug fit. All three pieces should work and act together to control the flow of water off of your roof. These measurements can be difficult to get right if you aren’t experienced with crickets.

Hire A Roofing Expert.

With over 75 years of expert experience, we’ve seen a lot of things come and go within the roofing industry. This has allowed us to know what products work for our customers and what don’t. At Clayton Hoover and Sons, we want to hear all your questions to get you quick and secure answers from someone you know and can trust. Contact us today at or call 574-288-8630 for a free estimate and to discuss any of our roof cricket options for your home!