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The Best Roof For The Midwest

Clayton Hoover & Sons Roofing has been serving the South Bend Mishawaka area for over 75 years. We’d like to think we know the Indiana climate’s short and long-term effects on your roof! When disaster strikes, we’re there. Let us guide you in your next roofing decision while living in the Midwest.

cracked and missing asphalt roof shingles from weather related causes of roof damage

How Climate Causes Roof Damage

Here in the Midwest, we find that we can get the extremes of both summers and winters. Summer temperatures can rise into the nineties or hundreds, while our winters can place us down into the negatives. These climate fluctuations can be difficult on your home and your roof. Roofing materials expand and shrink depending on the temperature, melting snow, or pounding rain. But extreme conditions can cause brittle, cracked shingles that lead to damages that no one wants. When it comes to our roofs, getting inspections done in the spring and fall can catch problems before they become disasters. Updating any missing shingles can help prevent any leaks. Having proper insulation in your attic and ridge caps for attic ventilation can decrease the odds of ice damming. But, other than an inspection, what can you do to choose the best roof for the Midwest?

Clayton Hoover & Sons Roofing Recommends Gabled Roofs For Simplicity, Versatility, And Protection.

Gable Roofs

We believe that the best roof for the Midwest is a gable roof. So, what is it, and why is it the best?

If you were to ask a child to draw a picture of a house, most likely they will draw a triangular roof over a square house bottom. This triangle roof is actually a gable. When looking at your, or another home, there might be a flat, triangular end. While the term “gable roof” can refer to the pitched design of the roof, the gable itself is that flat triangle part of your home, typically where the attic is. The gable is not roofed or composed of roofing materials. It is covered by the same material as your house, such as siding, stone, or shaker shingles. The peak of the gable, or tip of the triangle, will be the two slopes of your roof.

gable roof

Now, the reason the gable is the best roof for the Midwest is because of the sharp angle of the roof itself. Gable roofs are designed to have optimal water flow. The steep pitch allows for water and snow to slide off easily, without sitting on the roof for snow slowly melt or for water to run under any shingles. It helps with fewer leaks, water buildup, and overall damage. And as Midwesterners, we know the rain and snow are usually in abundance.

In addition to protecting your home from storm damage, gable roofs can help keep your home cool on those brutally hot summer days. When the sun is beating down, know that your gable roof provides additional ventilation to keep you cool and keep costs down. Gable vents are installed on both sides, near the peaks. These vents create a cross breeze through the attic allowing hot air to flow out while drawing cool air in. Keeping your attic cool will ultimately help keep your entire home cool, helping you lower your energy costs in the summer.

best roof for the midwest

Roofing Materials

At Clayton Hoover & Sons, we love gable roofs but we don’t just want the shape of the roof to be working in your favor. The products used on your roof can make a world of difference in the functionality and longevity of your roof. Clayton Hoover uses Certainteed® products to make your roof the best roof for the Midwest.

When we begin a roof, we like to use CertainTeed Swiftstar followed by Landmark Series® asphalt shingles, to create the best shingle and warranty combination. Rather than cutting expensive field shingles to use as starters, you can save time and money by starting with Swiftstart. Once Swiftstart is fully installed, we then install Landmark Series Shingles. Here’s why we recommend these roofing materials. 

SwiftStart Sheets

  • Reduces installation time so jobs are finished faster.
  • Is required for use to obtain enhanced warranties.
  • Is code-compliant, having the 2″ headlap requirement for metric shingles which many competing products do not.
  • Covers 116 linear ft with each 18-piece bundle.
  • Works with all metric shingles that are similar to Landmark.
  • Uses CertaSeal™ modified-asphalt sealant to hold strong against wind uplift and shingle blow-off.

Landmark Shingles

  • Have QuadraBond, which secures the shingles together.
  • Have StreakFighter® which prevents algae and mold growth.
  • Use CertaSeal™ to protect against wind uplift.
  • Use NailTrak® for precise and fast installation.
  • Provide protection against all the Midwest seasons and weather such as wind, rain, snow, and even hail, with ClimateFlex®. 
  • Are made with Solaris® Cool Roof technology which reduces solar heat on your roof and inside your home. 

Gable roof or not, Clayton Hoover is still here to help with your roofing needs! We are proud to be a CertainTeed ShingleMaster™ certified company. We use CertainTeed products on all of our roofing jobs, delivering top-of-the-line, beautiful, and durable roofs to homes and businesses throughout Michiana. Not only do the products do everything listed above, but they also come with great warranties included with every shingle. Visit to learn more about the CertainTeed products we use and contact us for a free roof inspection or an estimate on a new roof!