Storm Damage

Severe storms are an inevitability in and around the South Bend area. When storm damage happens, Clayton Hoover and Sons is here to help. Learn how you can minimize damage and how we can help after the storms have passed.

Storm damage can occur in multiple ways from trees falling down as well as damage to roofs and siding due to strong winds and other damaging weather. Some things are just unavoidable such as flying debris breaking windows, however some damage can be minimized with proper maintenance. 

Schedule An Inspection

First and foremost, before storms arrive make sure your roof is in good condition. A roof that’s in need of repair is more likely to suffer damage during a tornado and high winds than one that’s been well maintained.

Inspect your roof and siding regularly and have any necessary repairs done as soon as possible. Clayton Hoover can provide you with a thorough inspection and take care of any and all repairs as needed.

Keep An Eye On Potential Risks

Also keep an eye on trees near your home; if they’re close enough to potentially damage your home, have them trimmed or removed.

Check Your Shingles and Siding

Finally, check your shingles; if they’re loose or missing, have them replaced. Missing or damaged shingles can allow wind and debris to get under the roof and cause serious damage.


If severe weather is imminent, try to take shelter in an interior room on the lowest level of your home. If you can’t get to shelter, crouch down and cover your head with your hands.

Once the storms have passed still be on the lookout for potential dangers. Of course, never mess with downed power lines as they may still be live. 

If you want assistance repairing the storm damage, go ahead and get in contact to schedule an appointment. We at Clayton Hoover and Sons specialize in everything from roofing and siding to gutters and interior remodeling.