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Expert siding replacement will revitalize your home with unmatched quality and lasting beauty!

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South Bend-Area Siding Repair & Installation.

Are you ready to give the outside of your home a facelift? If so, Clayton Hoover & Sons can help with Siding Installation. With reputable brands like Certainteed and Exterior Portfolio, you can be assured that you are receiving high-quality products and services. We use a mastic Siding that is sure to make your house look great! Mastic premium siding is strong and resilient, resistant to harsh weather, low maintenance, and an environmentally friendly choice for your home.


Professional Siding

With Clayton Hoover & Sons, you benefit from a team of seasoned professionals who bring years of experience and expertise to every siding project, ensuring precision and quality from start to finish.

Licensed, Bonded, & Insured

Rest easy knowing that Clayton Hoover & Sons is fully licensed, bonded, and insured, providing you with peace of mind and protection throughout the siding installation process, with a commitment to compliance and safety standards.

High-Quality Materials

We use only the highest quality siding materials available, sourced from trusted suppliers, ensuring that your home receives durable, long-lasting siding that enhances its curb appeal and protects it from the elements for years to come.

Workmanship Warranty

Our dedication to excellence extends beyond installation; we stand behind our work with a comprehensive workmanship warranty, offering you assurance and confidence in the quality of our siding services and the longevity of your investment.


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The lifespan of siding can vary depending on factors such as material, climate, and maintenance. Generally, siding may need replacement every 15 to 30 years. Our team at Clayton Hoover & Sons can assess the condition of your siding and recommend the best course of action.

We provide a diverse selection of vinyl and aluminum siding materials available in an array of colors and styles tailored to your preferences and budget. Each material boasts unique benefits concerning durability, aesthetics, and maintenance needs, ensuring you find the perfect siding solution for your home or business.

The duration of siding installation depends on various factors such as the size of the project, type of siding material, and weather conditions. Our team provides estimated timelines during the consultation process to give you a clear idea of the project’s duration.

Yes, in addition to siding installation, we offer siding repair services to address issues such as cracks, warping, or weather damage. Our experienced team can assess the extent of the damage and recommend the most appropriate repair solutions to restore the integrity and appearance of your siding.

The Process


The process begins with a thorough assessment of your existing siding or exterior. Our team evaluates the condition of the siding, identifies any areas of damage or deterioration, and discusses your goals and preferences for the project during a consultation.

Material Selection

Once the assessment is complete, we assist you in selecting the right siding materials for your home or business. Whether you prefer vinyl, aluminum, fiber cement, wood, or another option, we guide you through the selection process based on your budget, aesthetic preferences, and maintenance requirements.


Before installation or repairs commence, we prepare the work area by clearing debris, removing old siding if necessary, and ensuring the surface is clean and ready for the new siding. We also address any underlying issues such as moisture damage or structural concerns to ensure a solid foundation for the new siding.

Installation & Repairs

Our skilled technicians meticulously install or repair the siding, following manufacturer guidelines and industry best practices to ensure a seamless and durable result. Whether it's installing new siding panels, replacing damaged sections, or repairing gaps and cracks, we prioritize precision and attention to detail throughout the process.

Finishing Touches & Inspection

Once the installation or repairs are complete, we perform a thorough inspection of the work to ensure quality craftsmanship and adherence to standards. We address any final details, such as caulking seams, trimming edges, and painting or sealing the siding as needed, to achieve a polished and professional finish.

The Materials

Our Siding Materials

Clayton Hoover & Sons offers an array of high-quality siding options designed to enhance the beauty and durability of your home while providing exceptional protection against the elements. Our goal is to meet your needs and your budget. We have our preferred products but will use other materials as requested.

When you choose Clayton Hoover and Sons for your next siding project, you can feel at ease knowing the extensive amount of care and knowledge we extend to your family. No drafts, no weathering, just protection from even the harshest Indiana elements!

Mastic Luxury Vinyl Siding EverPlank

The newest line of plank siding, EverPlank luxury vinyl siding, blends the reliable performance of vinyl with the exquisite appearance of real wood. The first of its type in the vinyl siding market, Mastic EverPlank combines the low maintenance, strength, and ease of installation of premium vinyl siding with the rough, hard feel of genuine wood and the neat appearance of butted seams. It also implies that the entire collection of Mastic’s exterior accessories will complete the appearance. You can obtain a stunning true-to-wood look with Mastic EverPlank without having to worry about warping, water penetration, or the high cost of repainting.

Vinyl Siding Benefits
  • Durability: Vinyl siding is highly durable and can withstand intense heat, sunlight, violent storms, hail, and other extreme weather conditions without warping or cracking.
  • Resilience: Resistant to dents and dings, vinyl siding maintains its structural integrity even in high-traffic areas, ensuring long-lasting performance and appearance.
  • Variety of Colors: With the best range of color options available, vinyl siding allows homeowners to choose from a wide spectrum of hues to match their aesthetic preferences and complement their home’s architecture.
  • Low Maintenance: Vinyl siding requires minimal maintenance compared to other siding materials, eliminating the need for frequent painting or sealing. Simply rinse with water occasionally to keep it looking fresh and clean.
  • Affordability: Vinyl siding is a cost-effective option for homeowners seeking durable and attractive siding solutions. Its affordability makes it accessible to a wide range of budgets, providing excellent value for money.
  • Energy Efficiency: Many vinyl siding products feature insulation options that improve energy efficiency, helping to regulate indoor temperatures and reduce heating and cooling costs over time.
Aluminum Siding Benefits

Our aluminum siding offers an elegant, durable, and watertight solution for your home. With a wide range of options, our selection excels in both performance and low maintenance, ensuring lasting quality and style for your property.

  • Elegant and Durable: Aluminum siding offers an elegant and timeless aesthetic while providing exceptional durability to withstand the elements.
  • Watertight Design: With its watertight construction, aluminum siding effectively protects your home from moisture infiltration, reducing the risk of water damage and mold growth.
  • Wide Range of Options: Our wide range of aluminum siding options ensures that you can find the perfect style and color to complement your home’s architecture and design aesthetic.
  • 6″ Plank Style Construction: Wider, flatter panels provide a true-to-wood look that surpasses other vinyl options, enhancing the overall appearance of your home.
  • Real Wood Texture: Enjoy the realistic look and feel of real wood grain with aluminum siding, adding warmth and character to your home’s exterior.
  • No Overlapping Seams: The end-to-end look of aluminum siding eliminates unsightly seams, providing the aesthetic appeal of a real wood home.
  • No Exposed Nails: Aluminum siding eliminates exposed nails for a clean, high-end look that enhances the curb appeal of your property.
  • No Painting Required: Unlike traditional wood siding, aluminum siding does not require painting, saving you time and money on maintenance costs.
  • Secure Interlocking System: With a secure interlocking system, aluminum siding withstands strong winds and reduces gaps, ensuring long-lasting performance and protection.
  • Water-Resistant: Resistant to warping and rotting, aluminum siding maintains its integrity and appearance even in harsh weather conditions, providing reliable protection for your home.

Client Testimonials

I have had the opportunity to work closely with Clayton Hoover and Sons over the past couple months, and they have been awesome to work with. I can tell they care about the customers who they serve, and they live in the same local communities as them. In addition to being focused on their customers, they have a long history of giving back to the community in multiple ways. One of those ways being by giving a portion of every invoice to Big Brothers Big Sisters. You can feel good about putting your home's project into their capable hands, knowing their experience, and long history of quality in Michiana.
We have used Clayton Hoover & Sons multiple times and have been ecstatic each time. After using other home service contractors in the past (w/disappointment) I have found a company that provides white glove treatment for my home. Clayton Hoover & Sons is professional, honest and has genuinely wanted us to be happy with the improvements made to the home. I would give more stars if I could.
We had Clayton Hoover and Sons replace the floor and carpet in our condo, which was stressful because we live a couple hours away. Jonathon was fantastic at communicating with us and sending pictures along the way, and the place looks amazing now. Even met us at the flooring place to help decide on what flooring would match the cabinets. Highly recommend and will definitely use them in the future for any work needed.

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