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The Ultimate Guide to

Navigating Roofing Warranties

A new roof is a big investment! To extend the life of your roof and avoid costly repairs, it is important to protect this investment. Your roof is one of the most critical components of your home, providing protection against the elements and ensuring your safety and comfort. When investing in a new roof or repairing an existing one, it’s crucial to understand the importance of roofing warranties. A roofing warranty is a guarantee that offers coverage against defects in materials and workmanship. In this Ultimate Guide To Roofing Warranties, we will explore some of the roofing warranties that we offer, what they cover, and how to make the most of your warranty to ensure a long-lasting and reliable roof.

Workmanship Warranty.

Most contractors offer 5-year workmanship warranties. At Clayton Hoover & Sons, this applies to nearly all of the services we offer. Our goal is to never leave a job site before shaking the hand of a satisfied customer. However, sometimes mistakes are made and you, as well as the contractor, might not notice the problem until months or even years later. That’s where a workmanship warranty comes in. If materials weren’t installed properly, this warranty ensures repairs, replacement materials, and labor at no cost to you. Additionally, by working with a CertainTeed certified Shingle Master, you may be eligible for an extended warranty covering workmanship for up to 25 years. 

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Manufacturer Warranties.

Manufacturer warranties can vary greatly in terms of coverage and duration. Most manufacturers offer two types of warranties: material-only warranties and full-system warranties. Material-only warranties cover defects in the roofing materials themselves, such as underlayment or shingles, but may exclude labor costs. Full-system warranties, on the other hand, provide coverage for both materials and labor. It’s crucial to carefully review the terms and conditions of a manufacturer’s warranty before making a purchase. In many cases, you can judge the quality of the materials by the duration of the manufacturer warranties.  

Roofing Warranties for Algae Streaking

Shingle Warranties.

As North America’s leading manufacturer of commercial and residential roofing products, CertainTeed offers several roofing warranties that help extend the life of your shingles. 

First is the SureStart™ Warranty which covers 100% of labor and materials costs if your CertainTeed shingles have manufacturer defects. Depending on the type of shingles you choose for your home the warranty may also cover the cost of flashing, metal work, tear-off, and disposal. All variations of Landmark series shingles, as well as rolled ridge vents, are covered under a SureStart™ Warranty for 5-20 years. 

Next is the StreakFighter® Warranty which helps protect your shingles from streaking and discoloration due to algae growth. Landmark and Landmark PRO shingles are made with copper fibers which naturally fight algae to prevent streaks on your roof. The StreakFighter Warranty protects against contamination from blue-green algae for 10-15 years after installation.  If for any reason, your Landmark shingles do start to show signs of algae growth, CertainTeed will cover the cost to replace or clean the affected shingles.

Lastly is the Wind Warranty. If you live in an area that is prone to storms, choosing roofing warranties that include protections against high winds is critical. All Landmark series asphalt shingles come with a 15-year wind resistance warranty that covers damage from winds up to 110 mph. By choosing other additional roofing materials, including SwiftStart Sheets, this warranty may be upgraded to cover damages from up to 130 mph gusts. You can find the details on which CertainTeed products include this and other warranties here.

Choose A Roofing Expert.

Choosing the right roofing contractor will help ensure you receive the best warranties for your home. While a 5-year workmanship warranty is the industry standard, manufacturer-certified contractors may offer or suggest additional warranties. As a CertainTeed Certified Shingle Master, all of the roofing materials used by Clayton Hoover & Sons carry warranties ranging from 5 years to a lifetime. Contact us at for a free estimate or give us a call at 574-288-8630 for more information on your roofing warranties. 

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