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How To Repair Roof Shingles

Roofs can be intimidating to maintain. Some people can stress over their roof as it is a big investment and can be costly to replace if needed. One leak in your roof can lead to a number of different issues and damages no one wants. You don’t want to have to replace anything or make an insurance claim, and Clayton Hoover doesn’t want your roof or home damaged by water. 

Checking over your roof after bad weather is always a good way to stay on top of your roof health, and scheduling routine roof inspections in the spring and fall months will prepare it for the harsher weather. But what if you notice one or two shingles that may need to be repaired? Thankfully, a couple of shingles needing repairs does not mean you have to replace the whole roof, but it is a good idea to do some easy fixes to keep everything dry.

Need To Repair Roof Shingles?
Here's What To Look For:

cracked and missing asphalt roof shingles from weather related causes of roof damage

Cracks & Tears

Obviously, there is a difference between fixing a shingle and needing them replaced. We can simply repair a shingle that is cracked or torn. We do this by buying roofing sealant at a home repair store. This sealant comes in the same form as caulk and requires the same caulk gun to apply. For a cracked shingle, you’ll also want a putty knife. Once you have both the sealant, the gun, and the putty knife, you can apply a bit of the sealant under the crack and firmly press down. Then you’ll put sealer on the top of the crack and spread it with the putty knife. You want to make sure that the sealer completely covers the crack.

The sealer you buy should give instructions for drying and weather while it’s drying, so make sure to read the directions on the tube before climbing to your roof.

Moss Growth

Even though it doesn’t seem like a “repair,” cleaning your roof of moss is a completely necessary and needed action that will help your roof just as much as puttying cracks. Shingles with moss on them are being exposed to more moisture. The moss collects, grows, and sits, which locks in water and lets it just set on your shingles. You want the moss gone. And if it has grown once, it will grow again, which means you should also do treatments to keep it from growing again.

Firstly, for your shingle roof, do not use a pressure washer. If your shingles are already compromised, the strength of the pressure washer could blow your shingles apart and then flood the roof’s interior. Also, please remember that whatever you use to kill off or remove the moss, this will also run off and get into the dirt and plants around your home or gutters. So if you have plants below that you are worried about killing, be very specific about the products you use. Go to a home improvement store and find the moss removers. These solutions vary and will have directions such as if they are supposed to be diluted with water or sprayed on as is. While you’re there, see if they have treatments to keep the moss from growing once you’ve cleaned it all off.

Moldy Roof
roof leak water damage

Damages That Require A New Roof

Some damage just can’t be fixed without completely new shingles. If you have stains or damage on ceilings or walls, most likely you’ll need something truly fixed, or at least patched until a roofer can come out.

Shingles that have curled or cupped are normally just too old. If there is curling on many or most of your shingles, your roof will need to be replaced. This is caused by moisture and age.
Missing Shingles are obviously an issue and will need to be replaced. Unfortunately, this is something your roofer will need to do. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you can easily damage the other shingles around the area you’re trying to replace.

If you notice water stains in your home or see something worrisome on your roof, you are always encouraged to call a professional. Clayton Hoover and Sons is here and want to help. For more DIY tips to clean your roof, check out or visit for more warning signs that its time for a roof replacement. If it’s time for a replacement or you want a professional to handle your repairs, contact us at for a free estimate and get answers on the state of your roof before the damage really gets done! 

How to Repair Roof Shingles