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How to Measure Square Footage

For many residential and commercial projects, it’s common to use the Square Footage Formula to find the area needing to be covered and the supplies needed for the job. This is an easy way to ensure you will have enough and even a little extra, just in case!

Need to know how much material to get? We can use a simple Square Footage Formula to find the area of your floor, wall, or ceiling. You will only need a tape measure, a calculator, and a pen and paper. In 4 steps, you will know how much to purchase for your next project!

Step One: Measure the Room

Time to measure! Find the dimensions for the length and width in feet of the area you wish to cover. The length is the longest of the two sides.

Step Two: Calculate the Area

Take the Length and multiply by the Width. If you had a 10’ x 13’ room, you would need 130 square feet of carpet.

Step Three: Figure Unusual Measurements

If the room has unusual measurements, try breaking the room into multiple smaller sections. Continue by finding the L x W of each section of the room. Add together surface areas or subtract negative space like windows and doors to find your total square footage. Let’s say you want to hang up some wallpaper for a gallery wall and there’s an archway. If the archway was 7’ x 7’ of negative space and the wall itself is 10’ x 13’, 130-49 = 81 Square Feet of wallpaper.

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It doesn’t come as a surprise that this is such a common measurement, as you can calculate how much material to buy for landscape, roofing, and other projects. Always buy at least 5% more than you need to account for mistakes and patching later.

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