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How To Match Wood Color With Wall Color

Anyone that has had the freedom to change and recreate a room knows the power of color. Colors are powerful tools that can be difficult to control if we don’t understand how the separate layers of work to create the spaces around us. When we layer colors, we create depth. Unfortunately, anyone that had had the freedom to recreate a room also knows how difficult it can be to get the correct color pallet. Especially when it comes to matching the wall color with wood color. Floors, doors, trims, and accessories can all accidentally clash with the intended colors of your walls. So, what do we need to look at and consider when trying to match  wood color with wall color?


Because wood flooring would be the largest change for possible color clashing in a room, we are going to use it as our wood example for this article.

Within the colors of your wood floor and paint colors, there will either be tones of warm colors or cool colors. What you will want to try and do is match these tones. Look at the colors of your floor. It’s easy to say that your wood is brown and brown is warm, so you’ll need a warm wall color, but colors are vast and it may not be so simple. We can have a brown that is actually a cool brown, in which case, you would still want a cool wall color.

match wood color

Light Floors.

If you have light floors, you’ll most likely want to keep you walls lighter as well. Try warm white and off whites to put together. Cream color pallets and then warm toned accessories will help create depth to the room. Light on light floor and walls will also help open up the space and make the room feel larger.
If you are concerned about your walls being too light, nude and neutral colors can be darker without throwing off the color balance. Darker beiges or creams with tints of dull rose can add a thicker level of color to a wall without overpowering your wooden floors.

Cool Gray Floors.

Cool gray floors are going to require cool toned colors. Depending on the intensity of the gray, how light or dark they are, you will be able to go lighter or darker on your walls as well. For this floor color you’ll want to do dusty or dark greens and blues. Green and blue are to match our cool tones in the gray, and deciding on the intensity of the color will depend on what you would like the feel of your room to be along with the natural lighting available.

gray wood match dusty blue paint
dark wood match wall color

Dark Floors.

Dark floors can be so pretty when done correctly. But if you add too much dark with the floors and the walls, you will have the opposite effect as our light floors and light walls talked about above, and instead of opening a space, the room can become a bit like a dungeon. In this case, we suggest that you don’t match wall color with wood color, but rather contrast their tones. If you have a dark floor with a cool tone, pick a lighter cool color. If you have a dark floor with warm tones, pick a lighter warm color. This will help create the same flow as before without closing the room in.

What if you do want dark walls? If you like a darker room that has that cozy feel, you can of course do your dark floors will a darker dulled color. Cool floors can have dulled greens and blues for peaceful or country styled rooms. Warm floors can have deep reds or dull, burnt oranges for warm and tender rooms. If you’re worried that the two together will make a room too dark, you can always add some lighter colored rugs or throw pillows and blankets to add bits of contrast later on.

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