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How A Roof Makes Your House Look More Expensive

Often time when we first see a house, we are looking at it from an outside view. We’re judging the book by its cover and taking in an overall structure; the windows, the doors, and of course—the roof. The roof is one of the most important aspects for homes as it can be very costly to change or fix. Keeping it clean, well-kept, and properly tacked down is how your roof makes your house look more expensive. Especially when it comes to buying or selling a home, no one wants to move into a house and be met with the fear of all their things being caught in a downpour the next time it rains. It will be easier to sell or say yes to a home with a roof that shows integrity.

What Makes A Roof?

So how can we make sure that a roof is not just keeping the home from leaks and damage, but also adding a sense of higher value? Consider what elements go into your roof. The roof decks are considered a blank canvas. Older homes can have damaged roof decks from previous issues, and if that’s the case, contractors will likely suggest for these pieces of wood be removed and replaced. These issues can be unsafe for homeowners and the crew working on your roof. Underlayment is then added on top of the roof deck to protect from water damage, and then a crew can be ready to add any kind of winter guards or possible heated edges to help with the issue of ice damming in the wintertime. Once all of the layers are done, they can lay shingle roofing. Hip and ridge shingles are placed. They cap over the seams of the tops of two separate plains of the roof and their facets. They cover the seams to protect the two layers. These shingles are designed to flex and bow into place while maintaining their wind strength ratings.

Each of these steps takes time and effort for seasoned contractors to lay. This effort shows and helps your roof make your house look more expensive.

shingle types

What Kind Of Roofing Is There?

“Residential” roofs today are typically made of one of three different levels of shingle. Strip shingles are the basic one-layer, asphalt shingles. They are the most cost-efficient but will wear and tear faster due to their lesser durability. These do come in a range of colors, to add a bit of style. Well-laid and matching or offsetting the color of your home is a good example of how your roof makes your house look more expensive.

The next step up is a dimensional shingle. These are thicker and can also be known as architectural or laminate shingles. They have a higher quality look to them due to, as the name suggests, a more dimensional-looking shingle. These are more modernized shake roofing.

The third option for asphalt roofing is the luxury shingle. These are top-tier shingles with more durability and style. They have an appealing dollhouse look to them while also protecting your roof from rain, snow, and wind.

How Does A Roof Make Your Home Look More Expensive?

The simple answer: By raising its value. Roofs done with any level of shingle will be costly and an investment. The protection of the home via a sound roof is peace of mind for any homeowner or potential buyer, which allows an increase in home value. A new roof can raise the home’s value by twelve thousand or even more depending on the type of roofing and its age.

Roof Makes Your House Look More Expensive

Clayton Hoover & Sons are prepared for any of your residential roofing needs. You can learn more about our roofing services at or contact us for a free estimate! If you’re ready for an upgraded roof, we’d be happy to show you samples of CertainTeed products for the best shingles and styles.