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Five Fresh Basement Remodel Ideas​

Basements can be the perfect place for relaxing and entertaining, especially when inclement weather makes spending time outdoors not much of an option. Unlike the main level of your home, the basement creates more leeway and creativity than where you may want to take guests. So, if you’re really itching for a basement remodel, whether your basement isn’t even finished and you’re just looking for inspiration or it’s already finished and you want to take a step further, check out these five fresh basement remodel ideas.

1. Stairways — Paint, Rails, and Lights

When we enter a basement, normally the first thing you have to get past is the stairs. The stairs and stairwell are normally boxy, dark, and tunneling. Luckily, the right paint and handrail can help make the walk down to the basement less grim. Avoid a matt finish as it will eat light instead of reflecting it, and add a brighter color to the walls and stairs. Lighting on or under each step can make a huge impact on an area as well, instead of having them mounted to the wall as they usually are. If you can open up the stairway at all, do so, and add in a handrail that can be fitted for either spindles or glass. Both will help the visibility in the space and help stop the feeling of a choppy or dark basement. Glass can be used effectively in place of spindles, especially if there are lights with the glass, however, keep in mind that glass will have to be maintained.

basement stairs

2. Flooring — Don't Settle for Carpet

Because most basements are chilly and have concrete subfloors, carpet is typically used in finished basements. While it can keep the floor feeling warm and is easy to install over concrete, it also easily gets dirty. If you don’t want to haul a vacuum to your basement, don’t settle for carpet.

Heating elements under the flooring is a great way to open up more flooring options for your basement. If you install heated floors you can keep the warmth while also having the style ability of tile, wood, or vinyl floors that add to small spaces. Long planks of wood can help visually lengthen a space, and patterns can help fill an area so as to not require as much furnishing or wall decorations. You can learn more about basement flooring options at

3. Walls — Lighting and Colors

One of the easiest and least expensive remodels you can do is changing your wall colors and lighting. Most basements don’t have natural light, which creates a florescent or fake color to the rooms and can often dull and dilute tones. This isn’t how you want your basement to feel. Basements are sources of play, entertainment, and relaxation. Choose natural lighting bulbs for your fixtures, and make sure to have bright spaces for the natural light to bounce. You can have dark walls in your basement if you want, there just needs to be gloss, mirrors, or other light surfaces as well.

4. Bar — Dive Into Your Style

An updated bar had to be part of our five fresh basement remodel ideas. When planning to add or upgrade your basement bar, consider the types of bars you enjoy going out to.

  • Cocktail and wine bars have a classy feel with a wide variety of liquors or wines as the focal point. Wine racks, shelving, and other bottle displays are key. 
  • Sports bars are casual and often decorated with your favorite teams’ memorabilia. A large TV, beer fridge, and ample seating are must-haves.
  • Dive bars revolve around games like pool, darts, karaoke, and vintage video games. Your decor can be a more eclectic combination of your interests. 
  • Pubs and taverns are more family-friendly while keeping a timeless bar atmosphere. Reclaimed wood, bar signs, and flags can be used to create an Irish pub or American tavern in your home.
basement remodel ideas

A bar in the basement is a great place to start with a remodel and updating it can be even more fun. The bar itself should be sturdy and easy to sit at. If you already have a bar that is in good condition, think about changing your seating. Stools with backs and cushions on them are always preferred over simple wooden stools and upholstered seating can add a fun pop of color to your basement. Updating shelving, liquor storage, and glass placements can also be a great way to update the bar space. Consider using hidden storage places for nicer, more expensive and/or less commonly used liquors. Large mirrors are a classic way to brighten and decorate the space but consider new lighting and decorations. If you don’t want the bar to always have bright overhead lights, LED light strips can make the space more lively and are a fun way to add backlighting to your bottle displays. 

5. Entertainment — Make Space For Family

What do you actually do in your basement? If it’s a place for the kids, consider setting up all of the electronics and video games in the basement. Large entertainment stands will hide control cords and wires while toyboxes and cabinets can provide storage space for other toys. This keeps the basement looking clean and keeps these things from cluttering the main-level living room. Your kids will love having a space of their own and you can avoid having their entertainment in bedrooms where sleep is the main goal.

If your family loves movies, set up your TV and entertainment stands or a projector and screen in the basement. Updated shelves and cabinets will keep your movies on hand and organized. Cupboards and mini-fridges can be stocked for movie-time snacking.

basement theater

If you don’t want a television involved at all, set up games or crafts. A pool table is a classic feature, but tables for card games, board games, and puzzles are more affordable and much easier to move. Larger furniture stores are also starting to sell retro arcade games such as Pacman and Pinball, which can be both a fun addition and a cool statement piece. We recommend exploring The Great Escape in Mishawaka, IN for arcade games, bar entertainment, furniture, and more.

If you opt for a crafting area, keep in mind that things will get messy. Glass tables are the easiest to clean (you can use a razor to scrape off dried paint and glue), and make sure you have plenty of hidden storage spaces to keep your art supplies organized and out of sight. 

Extra Update Tip — Music

If you’ve had the same one for a decade or don’t currently have one at all, invest in a stereo system. Good speakers with Bluetooth accessibility to all of your music is always a crowd pleaser! Some new speakers even have lights that change with your music. Because basements are dark, having different colored lights are especially cool for both kids and adults alike. 

Expert Basement Remodel

We all get bored with our spaces at some point. Whether you’re moving into a new place or updating your current home, make sure that when you’re considering our five fresh basement remodel ideas you also take your own style into consideration. It’s important for your home to reflect you and your family. There’s no better place than the basement to show off the quirks and personalities in your home. From a fresh coat of paint to an entire remodel, Clayton Hoover & Sons is here to help turn your basement into the entertainment space you’ve been dreaming of.  Contact us at to get started. Thanks for reading!