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5 Common Myths About Remodeling

There are a lot of questions when it comes to deciding to remodel. How much will it cost? Can I do it myself? Will it turn out the way I want? How long will it take? Will contractors overcharge me? Will I need to temporarily move out? The list goes on. To help you plan your remodel and know what to expect, here are the top 5 myths about remodeling that homeowners fall victim to. 

Myth #1 DIY Will Save You Money

Right at your fingertips, you can find DIY videos for everything and anything. Heck! We’ve even written articles to teach you how to reroof your house, install laminate flooring, and lay tile. But let’s be honest, just because you can do something does not mean you should! 

Trusted, licensed contractors are professionals at what they do. They will get the job done quicker and with much better results than someone with little to no experience. They will make necessary suggestions that you may not have considered. And they know how to handle unexpected problems. If something goes wrong during a DIY remodel, you are probably going to end up hiring someone to fix the problem anyway. Especially if you are remodeling to sell your house; plumbing and electrical need to be up to code or you will end up having the job done twice! If you have a contractor doing the job from the start, they will communicate any issues with you and then work to get the problem resolved as quickly as possible to continue the project. Contractors also get high-quality materials at a discounted rate. While you might pay $3-4/sq. ft. of tile at a retail hardware store, contracts can get the same tile for around $2 from wholesalers. Sure you will end up paying for labor, but when the labor comes with tools, materials, permits, and decades of professional experience it is worth every penny!

Myth #2 Remodeling Always Increases Property Value

Many people remodel to raise the value of their homes for resale. While yes, a gorgeous new kitchen will help you find a buyer for your home more quickly, for most remodels you will only recoup about 50% of the money you put into the remodel. If you are remodeling your home to fit your own needs and style for years to come, making 50% of your remodeling costs back when you do sell is a good deal. But if you are planning to sell your house right away and are just trying to make it more aesthetically pleasing for resale, you’re better off letting the future homeowners do the remodeling.

If you decide to do the project yourself or hire an inexperienced handyman to take on your remodel, things are more likely to be done wrong. If a home inspector finds a major issue, you’re property value definitely isn’t going up. For example, you might be thinking about beautiful ceramic tiles and a stone vanity for a bathroom renovation. Whereas a professional contractor is more concerned about the plumbing and ventilation of the bathroom. The visual appeal of any room means nothing if the room doesn’t function properly! 

Myth #3 You Don’t Need a Permit

The short answer is maybe. No matter what remodeling project you have in mind, you want to get the job done as quickly and seamlessly as possible. Applying for permits and waiting for approval can be tedious and most homeowners simply don’t want to deal with the process. For minor projects like painting, replacing flooring, or installing new fixtures you likely will not need a permit. However, for larger renovations that require electrical work, plumbing, moving walls, or installing new entryways, permits will be required. If you bypass getting proper approval you can be hit with extremely high fines and can even be forced to undo the job! 

Myth #4 Remodeling Always Go Over Budget

Despite the need or desire to renovate, many people avoid remodeling because they don’t think they can afford it. If you’ve watched any HGTV shows, you have seen that remodeling projects always seem to go over budget. The truth is, staying within budget can be difficult, but it’s not impossible. The key is to be realistic. First, you should talk to a licensed contractor in your area to get a free estimate. Whatever quote they give, you should set aside an extra 10-20% of the cost for unexpected issues. If the cost is more than you’d like to spend right then, you should ask your contractor about financing options. If you qualify, you can make payments towards the project over time instead of an upfront payment. 

Myth #5 You Can’t Live at Home During a Remodel

Honestly, home renovations can be pretty inconvenient. You’ll likely need to clean out the room that is being renovated to make space for the construction crew and to prevent any of your belongings from getting dirty or damaged. If you’re having your bedroom redone, you might have to sleep on the couch. If the kitchen is being renovated, you might have to go out to eat or get delivery. And if your bathroom is being remodeled, you might have to shower at a friend’s house. While all of those things can be inconvenient, they are manageable. However, if you have young children and/or pets, remodeling can be much more stressful. Keeping them out of the work area can be difficult and you will have to keep a close eye on them to avoid any injuries. In many cases, especially for larger renovations, we do recommend having small children or pets stay elsewhere. 

It isn’t as bad as you might expect though! Employees for good remodeling companies will clean up after themselves. There should never be nails, screws, or saws laying around. Typically the crew will work with your schedule so you don’t come home to an active construction site. When you get an estimate, the contractor will tell you how long the project should take and will work diligently to get the job done within that timeframe. You could only be inconvenienced for a few days, so staying in the comfort of your own home is definitely an option. 

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